Google Classroom Is Here

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"More teaching, less tech-ing" 

Welcome to the power of Google Classroom!  Google Classroom is a new learning management system (LMS) from Google for any teacher and student who has access to a Google Apps for Education account.  Below is an overview of what you will see when you sign up:

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers and students to utilize all of the features of Google, such as Googledocs and the Google Drive.  It is a way for classroom teachers to go 100% paperless in the classroom while allowing students to turn in assignments all in one place.  Google Classroom allows teachers and students to effectively and appropriately communicate online and create a dynamic, digital learning environment.  Google Classroom can also be used on any device, such as laptops or iPads.  

I came across this great Google Classroom tutorial by Kelly Fitzgerald.  It is incredibly detailed in all of the behind-the-scenes set-up for your classes as well as what the students will see when they use Google Classroom.  You may view the presentation of the tutorial by clicking the image below:

For more help with Google Classroom, please visit the Help Center.  
Click here to download the Classroom Chrome App

Guest Post - Julie K. Marsh is a PhD student at the College of William and Mary studying Curriculum and Educational Technology. She is also currently working on her K12 Administration and Supervision licensure.  Her K12 internship is with Doug Saunders, Holman ITRT, allowing her to gain more field experience.