Google Sites Equals Classroom Organization

posted Dec 10, 2014, 12:27 PM by Doug Saunders

Benefit of Using Google Docs

As mentioned in a previous post, Holman's 6th grade English department is using Google Docs this year for student digital writing portfolios. There are major benefits to working in the Google Docs/Drive Ecosystem. For example:
  1. All written work is automatically saved in Google Docs. The save button is not even an option in the toolbar!
  2. Google Docs keeps track of all revision history. Mess up? Just roll back to a previous version.
  3. Google Docs is accessible from any device. If a student computer dies, they can access their work on the library computer!
  4. Peer editing and feedback can occur in the classroom as well as beyond the classroom walls.
  5. Install add-ons such as a table of contents or Kaizena in order to leave verbal feedback on a document.
  6. Ability to share a document with the entire class using a Google Group email address.

Too Many Docs

Every Google Doc writing portfolio will contain first drafts, second drafts, and final copies of a student's work. Students will be able to note their progress over the year and will also provide teachers with a great indicator of student growth. Having the students keep all of this information in one document may sound great in theory, but when you think of managing all of this from an organizational standpoint, it starts to get a bit scary! Especially when we are talking about having to keep track of and manage over 350 student portfolios. Here is where Google Sites comes into play!

Google Sites Portfolio Portal -

The Google Sites Portal takes all of those portfolios and places them in one central location. The students add the Google Site portfolio link to their bookmark bar in Chrome which allows them easy access to not only their own portfolios, but those of their classmates. Students simply go to the portal and click on their teachers name --> select their class period --> and locate a specific portfolio in the class spreadsheet. One stop shopping. One and done! This will also be a great asset when the students begin collaborating with students in other schools.