Group Roles

posted Jan 21, 2014, 8:27 AM by Doug Saunders   [ updated Jan 21, 2014, 8:44 AM ]
Group Roles

If you are planning on doing a class project with your students it is always a good idea to have the students choose group roles and establish norms prior to beginning the task. Below is a list of group roles that you may want to consider.

 Responsibilities  Sound Bites
  • Ask every student to share their ideas or questions.
  • Make sure everyone's ideas are listened to.
  • Invite others to make suggestions on what to do next.
  • What questions did you have about the problem?
  • Where did you get stuck?
  • How did you approach the next problem?
  • What do you suggest we do next?
Accountability Manager
 Responsibilities  Sound Bites
 Make sure that all group members: 

  • Can answer teachers questions.
  • Are prepared to present their groups ideas.
  • Group has covered all aspects of the task.
  • Monitors completion of assignment.
  • Can you explain our group's ideas?
  • Do you understand why ______?
  • What if the teacher asks ______?
  • How would you present our groups ideas?
  • Do you think you have covered all aspects of the task?
Team Captain
 Responsibilities  Sound Bites
  • The only one that can ask the teacher a question.
  • The only student who can get out of their seat to get resources and consult with teacher.
  • Keeps the group on task.
  • Guides the general direction of the project.
  • Do we have any questions for the teacher that we can't answer ourselves?
  • My group wants to know _____?
  • Would any resources or tools be helpful for this problem?
  • The teacher said ______.

 Responsibilities  Sound Bites
  • Challenge each group member to justify and explain their thinking in detail.
  • Question each students approach and ideas.
  • Why did you ______?
  • Can you explain why ______?
  • Why does this make sense?
  • How do know that works?
  • Can you represent your ideas in a different way?

 Responsibilities  Sound Bites
  • Operates the software.
  • Addresses technology issues.
  • Seeks the greatest level of professionalism with the technology.
  • Uses tech to launch group potential.
  • Coordinates online communication.
  • What is the overall goal?
  • What apps/software have you used in the past to accomplish this goal?
  • How can I help you with this tech?
  • What are you trying to do? May I show/teach you how that is done? - Now you try.

Artistic Consultant
 Responsibilities  Sound Bites
 Make sure that all group members:
  • Select appropriate colors, and layouts.
  • Advises on the overall artistic and visual appeal of the project.
  • Controls the art projects for the group.
  • Is responsible for the look and feel of the project looking professional.

  • What style do you prefer?
  • What are we going for on this project?
  • Does this look professional?
  • Is it clean, and uncluttered?
  • Are we staying consistent?
 Responsibilities  Sound Bites
  • Takes notes for the group.
  • Authors the script for the final presentation.
  • Edits the work of others in the group.
  • Can I help you with your rough draft?
  • Lets look for: Spelling, punctuation, clarity of writing.
  • Please revise your work so that it will fit our final draft.
  • Do you need some help with you written work?
General Contractor - EVERYONE
 Responsibilities  Sound Bites
  • Must do all unchosen roles or duties.
  • Researcher & Writer
  • Ask themselves: Am I helping the group?
  • Does anyone need help?
  • How might I be of service?
  • I am currently free, does anyone need assistance?
  • Any duty overburden and in need of help?
  • How can we make this task great?