How to Upload Your Unit Planner

posted Oct 11, 2014, 12:05 PM by Doug Saunders   [ updated Oct 12, 2014, 5:09 PM ]
Directions for Uploading Your Instructional Planner
By now most of you are well on your way to completing your MP1 Instructional Planner. When you complete your planner please upload it to the folder I previously shared with your Henrico Google Drive account. You should have received an email on October 3rd with a direct link to your Instructional Planner folder. 

1. Copy Folder to My Drive
The folder is entitled, Your Last Name - Subject. To access this folder, click on the link that was emailed to you, or log into Google Drive and select --> Incoming or Shared With Me. Navigate to your Last Name - Subject folder and click --> Add to My Drive. You can also right click on the folder --> Add to My Drive. Please note: If you are having trouble locating this shared folder I recommend that you utilize the search bar in Drive. Simply type dasaunders in the search field and everything that I have shared with you will be visible. If you are still unable to locate the folder after performing the search please let me know.

2. Add a Star and Change the Color of the Folder (Optional)

Once you have added the folder to My Drive, the folder will now be accessible under the My Drive tab. For quick and easy access to this folder you may want to star it/and or change the color of the folder so that it is easily identifiable. Starring the folder is similar to bookmarking and will place the folder in the Starred section of Google Drive. In order to Add a star, and Change the color simply right click on the folder and select that option from the list of options.

3. *Upload your planner to the Folder (MS Word Version)

Once you have added the star and/or changed the color of your personal folder, you can upload your lesson plan to that folder. To upload your lesson plan open the folder and click on New --> File Upload. If you happen to upload the lesson plan to the wrong folder you can always drag and drop it to the correct folder after the fact.

*Note: If you are not using the Word version of the planner you just need to drag and drop the Google Doc version to the shared folder. Since the Google Doc version is already housed in Google Drive, there is no need to perform the file upload.

4. Notify the Administration
After you have successfully uploaded your lesson plan to the shared folder please notify the HMS admin team by filling out this form. It will automatically send an email to the admin team notifying them that you have submitted your lesson.

All of the above information and links are also available in the Huskie Den.
Click here to access the Instructional Planner Website
Administration and department leaders have access to all lesson submissions via. this website.