Request for Proposals

posted Jun 4, 2015, 11:01 AM by Doug Saunders   [ updated Jun 4, 2015, 11:14 AM ]

We are going to kick-off the new school year with a focus on you, the teacher! TeacherFEST will be held August 12, 2015 at Glen Allen High School. You are invited to submit a proposal for review to present at TeacherFEST. All proposals are due by June 10th. I realize this is a quick turnaround, but seeing as how this is the first year of TeacherFest and teachers leave for the summer break by the end next week, we had to move quickly.

2 Options:

Option 1: Present a 45 Minute Session that addresses a specific need or demonstrates a tool that you find invaluable in your classroom. For example, this would be ideal if you love NearPod and want to share that love with other teachers by presenting how it works and how it has increased your workflow from day to day. Mr. Shotwell might possibly present on Google Earth. Mr. Elza and I may present on the student response system Socrative. I am also thinking about leading a session explaining how to use Google Classroom. Feel free to team up with another teacher and present together!

Option 2: Introduce a 15 minute conversation starter about a certain topic. This can be anything you feel compassionate about. Once the conversation starter has been introduced you will then have the opportunity to facilitate a 30 minute conversation around that subject matter. (Best Practices, Digital Tools, Educational Philosophies, Classroom Management, Education Reform, Project Based Learning, A Specific Video Clip, ect.)

This should be a great, low stress venue in which to present. Presenters will also qualify for 15 Staff Development Points. Hope to see you there and did I mention there will be food trucks?