Schoology Training Modules

posted Jan 14, 2016, 7:30 AM by Doug Saunders
Online Training Modules 
Schoology Online Training Courses are now available for HMS teachers. Administrators and Support Staff do not need to complete these modules, but are encouraged to join the Schoology Pilot Group – Option 2. These courses were designed so teachers could work at their own pace. If you complete Courses Part I prior to January 29th, you will not need to attend the in person training during the staff development day. We will be completing these modules as a group during that time with an added level of support. Trainers will be available to answer any questions and/or model how to perform a specific task during the in person training. Some teachers may choose to complete the online modules and attend in person training and/or set up a time to meet with me for some one on one training/clarification. Click on the image below to get started and thanks again for all that your do!