Tweet Tweet

posted Aug 23, 2013, 8:01 AM by Doug Saunders

On Tuesday (8-27) you will experience the power of “Twitter” as an instructional/PD tool. Some of you may want to sign up for a twitter account prior to Tuesday’s workshop - Since Twitter allows for us to easily connect (no longer blocked at school) I would like for us to build a Holman network :)

To get started, I would like to know how many current Twitter users we have out there? If you have an account please share your profile name here. Also, please start using #holmanms for anything Holman specific. 

Don’t have an account and feeling lost? Have no fear – everything you need @ Check it out and sign up I hope you will join our Holman network and start Tweeting your awesomeness very soon!!!

Please let me know if you need help. 

Have a great first week back!