Henrico 21 Submissions: 2013 - 2014
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TeacherTitleURLLesson PlanRubricArtifactCompleteDL
TeacherTitleURLLesson PlanRubricArtifactCompleteDL
Tayne Frye Children of the Holocaust Drive Folder      
Andrea Perez CDC Project Drive Folder      
Jessica Taggart 2 Steps Forward Drive Folder      
Michael Elza And the Oscar for Best Costume Design goes to... Drive Folder      
Susan Steenrod ¿Dónde están los estados unidos? Drive Folder      
Doug Budryk There Are Many Fish in the Sea Drive Folder      
Joanna Crabbe The Great Energy Debate Energy Debate      
Jason Burke 2 Dichotomy is Key Drive Folder      
Jason Burke Heir to the Throne Drive Folder      
Biki Mitchell Technology in the Middle - DRP Project Run Down      
Leanna Crews The Hunger Games Dilemma Drive Folder      
Beth Terrier 2 Steps Forward! (Collab) Drive Folder      
Sam Turner A Picture is Worth a... Drive Folder      
Charlotte Sabalis We Didn't Start the Fire Drive Folder      
Lori Verma Five Point Fever Drive Folder      
Tara Humphrey Heir to the Throne (Collab) Drive Folder      
Terrence Ingram Children of the Holocaust (Collab) Drive Folder      
Carolyn Alley Experiencing Blind In A Visual World Drive Folder      
Nate Shotwell The Great Energy Debate Energy Debate (Collab)      
Lisa Taggart All Systems Go! Drive Folder      
Nidia Christian ¡ES MI CUMPEAÑOS! Es Una Fiesta      
Lizzie Williamson My Musical Heritage Drive Folder      
Stephanie Causey Geometry All Around Us Geometry All Around Us      
Melissa Raymond The Art of Persuasion Drive Folder      
Tyler Scott A Dickens of a Party! Drive Folder      
Catherine Saydlowski Virtual Paris Trip Drive Folder      
Tracey Wilbourne The Art of Persuasion (Collab) Drive Folder      
Showing 27 items