What is an ITRT?

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT)

"With teaching credibility, a clear vision and excellent communication skills, the ITRT can assist teachers in unlocking the power of technology in classroom instruction."

 - Office of Educational Technology - VDOE

Ways the ITRT can benefit the classroom teacher: 

  • Provides direct support to the teacher by coaching or modeling technology tools and resources 
  • Consults and collaborates with teachers, working with students when needed for the purpose of modeling or demonstrating a lesson in the classroom 
  • Advises and assists teachers to determine what, when, where, and how to integrate technology tools in the curriculum
  • Has a strong foundation in pedagogy and teaching methodologies 
  • Models technology usage for the staff 
  • Assists the teacher with productivity 
  • Develops a rich library of curriculum-driven technology-enhanced resources and materials for subject area teachers 
  • Researches and develops methods of instruction for SOL standards and curriculum with effective technology-based teaching and learning strategies for student achievement 

Ways the ITRT can benefit the building: 

  • Collaborates technology use with school personnel, and administrators 
  • Coordinates selection of software
  • Facilitates a school-wide technology effort 
  • Designs and implements high-quality professional development 
  • Helps schools develop and implement short-term and long-term learning goals into school improvement plans 
  • Is a liaison between the school and the school division technology office 
  • Helps with communication to parents and patrons via the internet by improving school web pages including homework 
  • hotlines and event calendars

HCPS ITRT Mission: 

The Instructional Technology Resource Teacher contributes to the knowledge and skills that create a culture where technology enhances engagement, instruction and learning in unique and powerful ways.

HCPS ITRT Role Profile:
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